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The Dream:


Raising awareness in the community and bring families together. We do this by strengthening and supporting the individual. As you become more whole and complete you can reach higher potential and live life with greater integrity to yourself and those around you.


“One By One Touching Lives, Finding Balance, Centering…

We Walked Our Journey, Once Alone But Now Together, In Growing Numbers Day By Day;

Creating Light And Liberty Where Once Was Darkness And Pain.

Our Philosophy Of Serving Others Creates A Synergy,

Inviting Others To Do The Same To Those Around Them Within Their Influence.

We Reach To Those Who Need Our Help In Less Fortunate Circumstances

And Pull Them Up With Us To A Firm Foundation”

– R. Shelton




Winning Your Wellness Back Therapeutic Massage was first started long before the first office in a little town called Moses Lake, WA and long before it became Shelton Wellness Center, LLC in Arizona. Out of her own sheer and desperate need Rebecca fought her way up and out of her own life challenges. She learned and she became stronger. She practiced until she became one of the best. It made her into a leader in her field. A light on the hill for those seeking healing and wholeness. And she still strives today to become better and learn even more. Both Rebecca and her own clients have experienced a wide variety of amazing results, some of which can be seen on the review page and many others which cannot.

The main goal of the center is not to have clients reliant on the therapists. You must take an active part in your wellness process. The therapists are merely facilitators. teachers assisting in your achieving your wellness goals. We try to actively teach you to to listen to your body “talk”.


Thank you for coming to visit us. Know we are EVER grateful for you


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May your journey be light, and your pathway filled with enough hills to exhilarate and challenge your soul but not to stop you from reaching your goals. Gentleness, kindness, and understanding to all are what we all deserve.