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Try as many massage modalities as possible and experience how they affect the body in various ways.

Each person may see distinct benefits/results from the same type. Get to know your body.

Listen to what it tells you.

Everyone finds their favorite but there are days when you can tell you need something a little unique.

Try something that’s different as eating something new that hits the spot.


Try a New Massage Today and See What You Experience!

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Face Massage:  30 Minutes  – Hydrate, soothe tired and stressed face and neck muscles

Face Mask:  Deep clean pores, firm, tighten skin, improve elasticity

Fountain of Youth Face Wrap:  Tone, tighten, hydrate, lift, minimize wrinkles, detoxify and take years off your skin’s appearance

Youth Rejuvenating Face Wrap and Face Massage:  Tone, tighten, hydrate, lift sagging skin, minimize wrinkles, detoxify and receive a relaxing face massage to soothe tired face and neck muscles


Spa Wraps:
Essential Oil Wraps warm and relax the muscles, calm the mind, lift mood, enhance and hydrate skin, and make your soul sing

Salt Glow and Sugar Wraps:
Exfoliates skin leaving it glowing and pink. Great for smoother, healthier looking skin,  hydrates, breathes. It invigorates, relaxes, and is necessary for good skin






Acupressure:  Half Hour Session / 1 Hour Session
A holistic method of health care that uses light pressure at specific points (no needles like acupuncture) on the body to balance organ energy, decrease pain and dysfunction, and bring overall general wellness. This method is very relaxing and slower acting but has longer effect than regular massage. We check on your organs to determine what type of “flow” or session you need

Body Movement Assessment:
The use of movement by which a person can be evaluated scientifically and learn to move more efficiently, improve postural alignment, and avoid pain and dysfunction and make appropriate corrections

Cranial Sacral Therapy Half Hour Session  / 1 Hour Session
A modality involving a gentle, therapeutic touch that deals with releasing restrictions within a skull as well as monitoring the cranial rhythm of the cerebral-spinal fluid which flows from the skull to the sacrum. Great for migraines in early stages, headaches, whiplash, etc…

Infant Massage – Age 0-3 Years Old: (Guardian Must Be In Attendance)  15 Minute Session
Gentle Swedish and Indian massage strokes combined to fit the needs of an infant, increasing the myelination process in the nerve development stages. Start your baby’s life out helping them develop the ability to feel sooner while learning the benefits of healthy touch and communicating permission and acceptance of therapeutic touch. It’s never too early to teach a child about self respect and healthy touch

Child Massage – 3-18 Years Old: (Guardian Must Be In Attendance) 15 Minute Increments According to Size
Swedish massage strokes to soothe and relax child, helping the body to return to a state of self-healing. Clothed bodywork teaches children the importance of healing and therapeutic touch, helps balances hormones, self-healing, and self-esteem. This can help with many things that adolescents experience in their lives as they grow

Prenatal Massage:  1 Hour Session
Amazing for hormone regulation, helps reduce the painful swelling and back pain, assists better sleep and circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, and lessens the chance of birth complications. The gentle strokes and comfortable positioning soothe a mother’s stressed and changing body. A definite favorites of dads, moms, and babies alike! Balanced hormones mean a happier mom so this is a great gift. We use lots of pillows to spoil and support Mom in a comfortable way during her appointment that is safe for baby too

Swedish Massage:  Half Hour Session/ 1 Hour Session
This is a traditional massage that most people think of and most therapist do exclusively around the globe. It has long, smooth, fluid strokes that create a sense of connectedness of all the parts of the body as a whole. It is relaxing and feels good. It comes from the fundamental background of Swedish Massage and focuses thought and intention on be-ing in relationship with the client through the work

Touch for Health:
Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. Recognized and respected as the foundation for all kinesiology systems as well as being a healing modality in it’s own right. It uses biofeedback and postural analysis as well as utilizing acupressure and massage reflex points to identify and correct imbalances in the body’s energy system. It is a holistic approach to rebalance and activate the body’s intrinsic healing process so the body can better heal itself. It can also be used to help you better reach your life goals and true potential with goal balancing




Deep Tissue Bodywork or Structural Integration:  12 – 1 Hour Sessions
Bodywork designed to create structural alignment in the deeper musculature. It is one of the deepest of all the modalities and gets the fastest results but also loses results you’ve gained the fastest. When done properly it is intense but bearable. This can increase range of motion like you wouldn’t believe and get things back into their proper balance faster than anything you have seen. Breaks up scar tissue and stuck fascia

Injury Massage: 1 Hour Session
This protocol was designed with primary injury rehabilitation in mind. This really gets in there and gets the job done. Relaxing, despite the rougher bumping around, many find this to be a favorite: Great for breaking up scar tissue and adhesions

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF Stretching):  Half Hour Session/ 1 Hour Session
Facilitated stretch involving contract-relax and antagonist-contract stretches of most major muscle groups to promote flexibility and coordination throughout the entire range of motion. It is very satisfying and active but also very specific in targeting for optimal use of muscles. Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing

Reflexology:  Half Hour Session – Feet or Hands
Ticklish Feet? This can be a sign of toxin build-up! Focuses on reflex areas coordinating with all areas of the body, releasing tension, pain, and toxin crystals. Come with clean hands/feet for a beneficial session that will sweep you off your feet

Russian Sports Massage:  1 Hour Session
Specific technique designed originally for the professional athletes in the Soviet Union for their professional athletes’ sports training. Don’t be fooled by the name! This is a definite favorite of many. Working with your lymph system, not against it, it does not require all the water intake afterwards like a Swedish Massage does and is much more beneficial for the body

Shiatsu: 1 Hour Session
A favorite due to it’s passive stretching and gentle rocking. It simulates the “mother’s hand” taking you back to the security and comfort of being rocked in your mother’s arms. It works the 12 major meridians of the body. It’s reported that of clients who try Swedish then try Shiatsu, 70-80% of people never go back to regular Swedish because Shiatsu is so much more relaxing

Sports Massage:  (Inquire About Team Discount)
Massage therapy techniques designed specifically for improving athletic performances, preventing injury, pre-event warm-up, post-event recovery, and injury recovery. Most often used by professional athletes and amateurs with very nice results. Consider for Marathons, Sporting Events, etc…

Trigger Point Therapy:  Half Hour Session / 1 Hour Session
This therapeutic technique is more intense in nature but highly effective for those really tough knots you’ve had a long time. Clients often call this one a “hurts so good” modality. While this modality gets in there and works things out it takes you to the edge of your comfort then leaves you feeling amazingly better by the end




Seated Chair Massage Session Cranial Sacral Therapy: Half Hour Session  / 1 Hour Session
Client is seated fully clothed in an ergonomically designed chair that can be performed almost anywhere. This involves a combination of massage strokes, trigger point therapy, and acupressure. Great for almost any event, location, including schools, corporate events, relieve and reward stressed employees and increase productivity, weddings, even concerts and sporting events and more. Inquire about our group pricing for groups of 10 or more people at one location. Can be scheduled for a one time event or a recurring schedule

Body Movement Assessment:
The use of movement by which a person can be evaluated scientifically and learn to move more efficiently, improve postural alignment, and avoid pain and dysfunction and make appropriate corrections

First Aid / CPR:
Our people are trained in necessary basic rescue and survival skills for acute emergency situations including the basic skills for resuscitation if the heart and lungs cease to function. If an event does arise, we will call your emergency contact and if needed we will call 911 for you but it’s very rare to need these services

Aids Awareness:
Our Staff has an understanding of current and factual HIV/AIDS information to empower people to protect their health as well as the health of others




Enjoy your experience! This is a time for you to relax and appreciate healing properties of massage therapy. In order to ensure a quality experience for you, your therapist will speak with you briefly about any special concerns or injuries you may have or have had. We ask that you be completely honest about your conditions and also do not receive a massage if you have a fever or a virus and please be responsible for proper personal hygiene.

Your therapist will leave escort you to a room where you will receive your session. They will prepare your table, then leave the room to allow you to disrobe to your level of comfort. You’ll then lay on the table and cover yourself with the sheet. Your therapist is trained not only in various types of bodywork but in the proper techniques of body draping. Breasts and genitalia are required to be covered at all times and are never massaged. Your therapist is trained to respect your boundaries; please respect theirs. Our therapists are instructed on bodywork techniques that can be used for those clients who prefer not to disrobe.

Feel free to communicate with your therapist about the massage. Remember that your therapist is only going to know when to make pressure adjustments to your comfort if you talk with them. Every person’s experience is very different and what they like is very different. The therapist’s goal is to make this the best session you ever had so if you tell them you want more or less pressure they won’t be upset, they will be very happy and be able to try to give you the best possible massage that day.

At the completion of your massage, your therapist will leave the room again, giving you privacy to dress after ending the session. After a great massage remember to tell your friends. It is the highest form of compliment to receive referrals. You’ll also be helping to change someone else’s life too in the process. Gift certificates are available and make a perfect present for any occasion for friend or foe.




Break up old scar tissue and minimize scars * Get rid of pain, big knots and sore, tired muscles * Sleep better * Clean out toxin buildup in your body system * Feel refreshed and energized * Lose weight, feel more relaxed * Increase your energy * Increase circulation to hands and feet * Become more flexible * Decrease Inflammation * Balance your organ functions * Parents-to-be; balance hormones, decrease cravings, and speed up baby’s myelination development * Have better posture * Increase your mental alertness * Lower blood pressure * and more! Whatever your body needs most, are the benefits you may enjoy

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